Our Company

Today's Technology

Located in Northern California, nosi.biz offers an extensive selection of office supplies exclusively for State of California employees. nosi.biz Inc integrates today’s technology with procurement services that help state departments increase efficiency and decrease costs.

A Cost Savings Model

Our offering includes over 50,000 products - 4,700 of them recycled and recyclable. All of our products can be ordered online, by phone, or by fax. We are committed to streamlining your ordering process so you get the most out of your office products provider.

Our customers count on nosi.biz to deliver exceptional service, real savings and surprising value for all of their office products needs.

Our Platform

nosi.biz continually reviews our e-commerce platform to integrate and update our website to ensure a cutting edge shopping experience. We provide a procurement solution tailored to our state of California customer’s unique procurement needs. This platform delivers a complete package of online documentation, reporting, and the business intelligence your company requires!

Beyond What You Expect

     State-of-the-art technology supporting your shopping experience.

     Partnering with our customers to address their needs. 

     Our products, services and business processes promote sustainable choices for your department.

     A dynamic product offering and flexibility to handle special product requests.

     Leverage our experience and expertise to work with any size department no matter how intricate or demanding your procurement needs may be.

     An expert staff with years of experience and unsurpassed product knowledge.